Thursday, July 21, 2011

No more monkeys jumping on the...

For about three months, Sammie's favorite book was "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!"  I would read it to her, and she would yell, "No more jumping ON the bed!"  Finally, she found a new favorite book (much to my delight), and we put that one aside.  Every now and then, it makes a comeback though.

It is quite fitting then, that our closest "jumpy" place is called Monkey Joes.  It's about 45 minutes away from us, but today it was well worth the drive for her to be able to play in the air conditioning.  I mean, the heat index was only 105 degrees.  Of course, Lily came along. 

Sammie loves jumping on anything that bounces. When we visit the zoo, I have to drag her out of the bounce house. Today was no different. She started off on the slide (and begged me to come along). Then moved to the "mini-monkey zone."

She enjoyed this, especially as there were a couple of summer camp field trips there and everything else was crowded with the big kids. She used the little slide in there a few times, and then began flipping over it.

I had brought along a pocket full of quarters, and she decided she wanted to play some games. First, we took a break, then we played "Whack-a-Gator" and "Skeeball" over and over, until she had 30 tickets. (Well actually, until the big kids showed up and took over her games... Mama Bear ran them off, but she was done after that).

After the games (and a frog, dinosaur, and Smarties for prizes), she begged to play some more. She had decided she was big enough to follow the big kids before our break, and so she kept it up.

She loved the obstacle course bouncers. But her favorites were the slides. She'd blast through the course, simply to get to the slides. She flipped down them, went down them backwards, on her tummy, and any other way she could come up with. But they all ended the same, with a wipeout!

I had to drag her (not literally) out the door, crying, as she was begging to stay longer to play. I promised her we'd return sometime soon. School around here starts in about three weeks, so maybe after that, we'll have the place to ourselves. Or at least, maybe most of the kids will be Sammie's age. I count myself blessed to have another six weeks off to spend with my two girls. Maternity leave (even though unpaid) is so nice.

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